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Lorenzo - About the one who lives in unity with his horses...

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Lorenzo - About the one who lives in unity with his horses... A Frenchman from the Camargue lives his freedom with his six Lusitanos - whether loping through the waves or over the dunes or at his great appearance in the Arabian Emirates at his majesty's, the Sultan of Oman. He enthuses the horsefriends with every appearance - In the big family of horse-artists Lorenzo inhabits the child of progidy's place. His shows are unique, for example him standing on the horses modeled on Hungarian example: Four horse-pairs in a row, loping over impressive obstacles. This program, he calls it Lorenzo Action, he has already shown in almost all of Europe - and everytime the audience loved him and thanked him with pure enthusiasm. In 2005, he showed the famous Horsefestival of Avignon's audience a simply unbelievable performance by liberty horses with four of his grey stunningly beautiful Lusitano-mares, who he guides without every gimmick, only with his voice and his instinct. In this new program, called Lorenzo Emotion, poetry and emotion join each other to a artwork of special magic. Not yet 30 years old, Lorenzo already can look back at 20 years of career. At its beginning, there were the appearances in the arena of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camargue, where he was born and raised, where he still lives with his horses. For this book, the normally decent and reserved young man became more talkative, and what he did not tell us himself we learned from his mother, close friends, neighbours and colleagues. His still quite short, but already rich life shows, what a couragous human can reach with strength of will and purposefulness, aside from his enormous talent. The author Luisina Dessagne and the photographer Robin Hasta Luego, also from a famous horse-artist family, have accompanied Lorenzo for a whole spring: First, they stayed in his home, the Camargue, where he lives and works with his horses, develops new shows and trains. Later, they went to Northern England, to Sheffield, where Lorenzo firstly showed both programs, Action and Emotion, to a enthused audience. It has become a very personal book, which allows both to speak, the artist Lorenzo and the young man Laurent Serre. It is a portrait of an exceptional artist, painted with great sensitivity. Available languages: French, English

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