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In Deference - Reflection on the primal causes

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In Deference - Reflection on the primal causes

For riders in pursuit of knowledge and understanding

"I should like to express my respect for you, Frau Beran. I could not find a single detail in your book which I could even consider contradicting." Johann Riegler, Head Trainer and Rider at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna."

Just for information:
"May I say Isabella. If I ever publish a book I think I would want you as my publisher. This book and it"s presentation is incredible. I love the way the book is laid out and set up. You have done an exemplary job. Kudo"s to you! I am very, very impressed. Next I have to find time to finish reading it, but from what I"ve seen so far from the word document that you sent I can see so many good things in here.

To me it is really important that if I present In Deference and Anja through the magazine that we do this right. So that she gets the attention that she deserves.

Again wonderful job Isabella. Truly wonderful.
Warm Regards,
Nadja King

You can order this book on the following website: http://www.horseandriderbooks.com/ but it is a different title:

Classical Schooling with the horse in mind - it is the same book - but a different title and cover.

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